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Welcome to LINC

Extraco LINC, which stands for Leadership, Innovation, Networking & Community, brings together a variety of resources to help businesses grow and positively impact the Central Texas community.
Startup business - LINC

Starting Your Business

Starting a new business can be exciting, scary, exhilarating - all at the same time. From identifying your new venture to deciding on a business name, Extraco LINC is here to support you & your big idea every step of the way. Use the resources listed below to get started.
Growing business - LINC

Growing Your Business

Growth is an exciting phase of every business owner’s vision when starting a new venture. We understand the importance of capitalizing on growth opportunities, which is why we’ve listed resources to support you.
Business management - LINC

Managing Your Business

Business management is achieved by ensuring and establishing multiple business metrics, such as formalizing your mission and vision, and financial reliability and consistency.
Business transition - LINC

Transitioning Your Business

When it’s time to move onto your next venture and transition ownership of your current business, we are here to help you create a strategic succession strategy.