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Raising Children and Running a Business: Insights from Mom Entrepreneur Kelsey Baas

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Balancing family responsibilities while managing a business can be a daunting task, especially for female business owners who have to deal with societal expectations and gender biases. However, with determination, strong boundaries, and a clear vision, success can be achieved.

In a recent interview, Kelsey, the owner of Compleo Physical Therapy, shared her insights and experiences on how to successfully balance family responsibilities and business ownership. As a dedicated mother and successful female entrepreneur, Kelsey has found a way to maintain a healthy balance between her family life and her passion for running her business. 

In the following article, we will explore Kelsey's insights and advice for female business owners looking to balance their family responsibilities while running a thriving business. From prioritization to building an understanding team, we will delve into the strategies that Kelsey has implemented to successfully balance these important aspects of her life, and how you can apply these insights to your own journey as a mom and business owner.

What is your advice for balancing family responsibilities as a mom and business owner?

“Our business is not run the way most healthcare businesses are run, but that allows us to have so many females and moms on staff and not burning out.”

  • Don't be afraid to do things differently and make yourself heard, especially in male-dominated professions.
  • Don't be afraid to jump in, even if you're not fully ready. Waiting for the perfect time may hold you back.
  • Picture what you need your life to look like and build your business around that, even if it's different from how others do it.

How do you and your staff balance personal life and work life?

“In the healthcare field for any healthcare provider, being able to balance personal life, home life, and also being available for clients is one of the hardest things every healthcare provider struggles with.”

  • Trial and error is key to finding what works best for each individual. The staff has tried different schedules and constantly changes them based on their life stage.
  • Allowing for some flexibility, such as seeing patients at 4 or 5 pm, can help accommodate clients with traditional work hours.
  • However, it's important to hold strong boundaries to maintain the balance between work and personal life.

Why do you employ moms and how has it worked out?

“I employ a lot of moms because I don't want to contribute to healthcare burnout. I want to be a part of the solution. Females want to work.” 

  • Moms have unique skills, including empathy and multitasking, that make them valuable employees.
  • A team of moms serving moms and families can better understand and connect with clients.
  • In the long run, working with their schedules has resulted in better quality care, high levels of empathy, and low turnover.

How do you manage your time as a mom and a business owner?

“Managing my time, both as a business owner and mom, is one of my biggest challenges and a really hard thing to master. I still haven't mastered it and don't think I ever will.”

  • Prioritizing tasks based on what's important that week is key, such as attending a school party or completing a business checklist.
  • Having an amazing team at work and at home is critical to achieving a balance.
  • It's important to communicate priorities with your team and family to ensure everything runs smoothly.
  • Accepting non-traditional roles, working on priorities, and accepting imperfection have been essential themes to help achieve balance.
Achieving Balance as a Mom and Business Owner

Balancing family responsibilities while running a business is a challenge that many women face. However, Kelsey's insights and advice provide a roadmap to success. From not being afraid to do things differently to building a team of understanding and empathetic individuals, Kelsey has succeeded in creating a business that focuses on quality care and employee satisfaction.

The key takeaway from Kelsey's advice is that it's possible to have a successful business and still prioritize your family life. By being intentional, building boundaries, and accepting imperfection, balancing family responsibilities and business goals can be achieved. As more and more women enter the world of entrepreneurship, stories like Kelsey's are crucial to paving the way for success.


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