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Win up to $26,000 for your business
Extraco's annual Extrapreneur Award Program's first round of applications are open! You can win up to $26,000 and mentorship for your Central Texas business. Applications close on June 16. Have questions? Email


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How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is Changing How Marketers Sell Everything
From food service to fashion, artificial intelligence technology is expected to quickly take on a larger importance in the everyday lives of consumers.
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9 Daily Habits That Can Help Prevent Burnout in Entrepreneurs
These simple daily habits can help you stay grounded and keep you from burning out as an entrepreneur.
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What Is the Qualified Business Income Deduction (QBI), and Can You Claim It?
Are you curious about what the qualified business income deduction (QBI) is and whether or not you can take advantage of it? If so, this article will provide an in-depth overview of the QBI deduction and answer the fundamental question: “Can I claim it?”


Increase Your Website Conversions
Use this resource to understand how minor improvements to your webpages or product offerings are all it takes to improve your conversion rate. You need to discover what your users want and how they use your website.


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ICYMI | Entrepreneurs: Let's Talk Tax & Accounting
Keith Maynard, from Maynard CPA, shared practical tax & accounting strategies and best practices for small business owners and entrepreneurs to implement! Read our blog to learn what he talked about during the November LINC luncheon.
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Why separate business and personal accounts
From day one, business owners should have a separate bank account in which to deposit their income and pay their business expenses as it’s easier, faster and more accurate to claim business expenses. Extraco's Small Business Bankers are ready to help you!
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ICYMI: Surviving the Great Resignation
Elaine Botello, CEO & Owner of Employer Victory Services, shared practical tips and strategies to implement in your business to hire and retain employees in today's workforce.
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Researching the viability of your new idea
Checking if your new idea is viable is part of your market research. You’re probably doing this already by talking to friends and family. But it’s usually better if you collect research from the market, rather than conversations from people you know.
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Deciding on your business name
Coming up with a decent business name can be challenging, but if you have a few key guidelines in mind, you can narrow down your choices considerably. A good name can create the perception of integrity, professionalism, or value-for-money. It could be your business’s biggest asset.
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Achieve growth by buying another business
Growing your business through acquisition is an effective method. Doing so by buying a supplier means you’ll reduce costs, enjoy more control and have the opportunity to sell to other businesses – all which gives you a competitive advantage.


Looking for tools & templates for your business?

Our tools and calculators can help you identify solutions to your business needs. Our interactive resources include:

  • Business plans
  • Tips for business growth & management 
  • Infographics to help visualize business opportunities
  • And much more!
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Get capital for your business through Kiva
Startup Waco serves as the Central Texas hub for Kiva, a microfinance lending platform that provides capital for businesses by crowdsourcing funds from people they know! Focusing on character over credit, Kiva allows Wacoans to back each other up and establishes a more financially inclusive community where all people have the power to improve their lives.

Committed to building people, businesses and communities, Extraco Banks is proud to bring the Kiva Waco Hub Powered by Extraco to all Central Texas businesses as a startup lending resource.


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