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Lauren da Silva


Lauren da Silva helps entrepreneurs who feel stuck in survival mode, flourish. She offers weekly supportive group coaching, online programs and more. To join her free Facebook community for overwhelmed entrepreneurs, click here!


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Here are some of the ways I can help you navigate the overwhelm, paralysis & emotional quicksand if you feel stuck at the start line of your entrepreneurship journey:

1. Grab the Entrepreneur's Fourth Trimester Survival Guide to learn more about the 'fourth trimester' of your entrepreneurship adventure and how to navigate it successfully :)

2. Join The Support & Solutions for Stuck & Overwhelmed First-Time Entrepreneurs  to access a boatload of free resources & connect with other recovering people pleasers.  

3. Grab my new quarterly priority planner: The Flourishing Life Priority Planner to learn all about how to set boundaries courageously & kindly. 

4. If its time to get unstuck and make it to the other side of your fourth trimester and beyond, check out my Upward Spiral Masterclass