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ICYMI: Surviving the Great Resignation

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On August 11, Elaine Botello, CEO & Owner of Employer Victory Services, shared practical tips and strategies to implement in your business to hire and retain employees in today's workforce. 

Elaine shared with business owners that a key way to survive the great resignation happening is by understanding not only your employees, but yourself. She presented data that showed many employees are leaving their current employment due to salary and benefits, and that the COVID-19 Pandemic has shifted the way many Americans are doing work. The Pandemic has made it easier for employees to work remotely and not have to physically relocate for new job opportunities. More than 70% now have a home office space than before the Pandemic! Elaine explained that many employees are job hopping due to these factors, too. 


Elaine Botello leading a Human Resources workshop
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She shared two key factors when business owners are hiring:

  • Communicate expectation: the job design should be very clear, talk about the work environment and give examples of what might be included in 'other duties as assigned'
  • Review employee handbook: use your employee handbook to clearly communicate your business's mission and vision, process around customer service and expectations of working with colleagues 

As a business owner, it is important to address employee concerns and be proactive with resolutions. Elaine shared a strategy for business owners to keep up with market trends not just in the Waco area, but also in Central Texas and outside of Texas, too. Due to the influx of remote job opportunities, businesses need to look beyond what they've typically thought of as their market in terms of salary. Elaine shared one way to combat employees leaving is by paying employees what they are worth, and the importance of looking at the long term goal of retaining employees.

Elaine emphasized to attendees there are five different generations of employees in the current workforce, and there are differences between each generation of employees. In addition to the generational differences, there are behavioral differences between employees, too! 

If you didn't get a chance to attend the workshop, click here to download the presentation.

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